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Composite veneers are tooth colored materials which are matched with your natural tooth color shade , applied in layers to the tooth surface and sculpted directly in your mouth to achieve your desired tooth appearance. You can use veneers when your teeth is chipped/discolored or in some cases when there are minor misalignment.

This procedure is an aesthetic procedure, which means it is mainly to give your teeth a beautiful look/appearance. The procedure is not harmful to your natural teeth and it can last for a very long time.

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Teeth whitening process with scaling and polishing. Whitening your teeth without  scaling and polishing is like bleaching your cloth without washing.

Imagine trying to bleach your cloth with the dirts on it. Yes you might achieve a good result but not as good as when you wash the cloth first. So we always recommend scaling your teeth first before you embark on the journey of whitening, this is so you achieve a “better” result instead of “good” result.

Transforming your smile and bringing back your confidence with no regrets is what we do.