Elizabeth George

The braces worked like magic, I didn’t even believe my eyes as I didn’t go through any form of pain but my teeth was re-arranged and properly aligned. Though it took me close to a year for this but I was really happy with the end result . Braces works magic all thanks to Aire dental.

George Obafemi Samuel

I used to be very sceptical about dental services in Nigeria until I had my dental implant done at Aire dental. The implant was so perfect that except I tell you, you wouldn’t know the difference between my implant and my natural tooth. It was a perfect job well done. Am very happy and satisfied.

Damilare SKILLZ

The dentist did an awesome job in cleaning my teeth, I mean all the stains I had from coffee, tea, and the rest was properly removed. Their staff was so receptive and nice . I was so at home for the period of my teeth cleaning. Great job guys